RezV Pro with Resveratrol, Acai Berries and Green Tea free trial offer

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You can watch a video with Barbara Walters and Dr. David Sinclair talking about one of the genetic keys that will reset our biological clock. You can watch is here:  The genetic keys that will reset our biological clock

The manufacturer claims that RezvPro with Resveratrol, Acai and Green Tea will help you:

- Sluggishness

- Extend your life

Free Trial Offer: Resvibrant Wrinkle Cream

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Resvibrant is the latest anti-aging wrinkle cream to offer a free trial period for consumers to test the product before they decide to buy it.

>>> Here are facts provided by the manufacturer you might want to know about the Resvibrant wrinkle cream free trial offer:

* Clinically proven to tone wrinkles by 45%

* Resvibrant wrinkle cream targets helps with redness by 90%

* This wrinkle cream improves fine lines by 75%

* This wrinkle cream improves skin firmness by 75%

* Resvibrant wrinkle cream targets deep wrinkles & age spots

* The wrinkle cream restores the skin’s youthful radiance

* This wrinkle cream offers visible results of improved skin within minutes

* Resvibrant has been dermatologist tested

* The wrinkle cream helps mature skin look more youthful

* Resvibrant wrinkle cream contains three important antioxidants to help boost your skin back to life. You’ll find:

= Resveratrol to help fight premature aging with powerful antioxidant properties.

= Acai Berry helps rejuvenates and encourages renewal of cells at a deep level.

= Green tea extract to soothe and protect your skin against free radical damage.

>>>> Here are some testimonials from users of the Resvibrant wrinkle cream free trial offer:

I love your product! I’d been using it for about three months when my mother said “your skin looks younger”. I told her about Resvibrant and she immediately got her own bottle!” — Sandra T., McLean, VA

I could feel my skin tightening within minutes of applying Resvibrant. The product is lightweight and easy to apply with make-up, unlike a lot of the other anti-aging creams I’ve tried. Even my husband started using it after he made comments about how good my skin looked…” — Maria S., Scottsdale, AZ

>>>> Who can take advantage of this offer? Resvibrant Wrinkle cream is a free trial offer that is open to residents living in these countries:  the U.S. only.

>>> Get more details on the distributor’s Web site:

>>> You’ll find details on this free trial offer on the distributor’s Web site: Free Trial Offer: Resvibrant Wrinkle cream

What’s so Special About Face Oils and Body Oils?

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Face and body oils are the hottest products around right now. But how do you decide if the the leap from moisturizer to oil is right for you?

Winter is over and hopefully everyone’s skin is starting to mellow out and gain back some natural hydration. This does not mean you should stop hydrating your skin. A moisturizer or an oil or a mixture of both AM/PM are still important. Oils have had a reputation and misunderstanding of clogging pores, causing breakouts and making oily skin worse. Oils for the most part do not cause these long worried about ailments. If anything oils can help oily skin to slow down sebum production. If you have oily skin and you use an oil, you will trick your skin into thinking it produced enough oil and it will stop sebum production. If you have dry or blemished skin, oils can form a protective barrier for your skin and can keep irritation and redness to a minimum, especially if you use plant oils.

I have done some of the grunt work for and tested a few oils and compared them. Below are a few oils worth checking out!

Pure Essential Moisturizing Oil by Dermedicine ( is an essential lipid based product that helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and is prefect for all skin types. This product contains Cyclomethicone, Glycolipids and Ceramide 3. I found that my skin instantly felt hydrated and all the scaly dry patches disappeared. Dermedicine figured out a great delivery system by putting essential lipids into a Squalane (Olive extract) based emollient, this allows for the quickest delivery, leavig your skin super hydrated!

The next oil I tried was Joanna Vargas’s Rejuvenating Serum. This oil has a strong fragrance. A mixture of Argan Oil(anti-aging, omega fatty acids), Olive Oil(high levels of Vitamin E), Neroli Oil(helps with skin firmness and elasticity and smells divine), Rose Hip Oil(Hydrates and Vitamin C) and Jojoba Oil(hydrates). Joanna’s Rejuvenating Serum is recommended for mature or dry skin as it claims to plump, smooth lines and soothe skin. I found it to be very hydrating but for me the fragrance was too overbearing.

Ultimately, there is room for both moisturizers and oils in everyones regimen. I tend to use my oil at night before bed and my moisturizer in the morning before applying makeup. Makeup seems to glide on easier with a moisturizer base. For a body oil try Caudale’s Divine Oil.

Be brave and try an oil. Your skin will thank you!

Looking for Proven Natural Anti Aging Skin Care?

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Everyday there is a new skincare line coming to market. The shelves have gotten so crowded that it’s almost impossible to separate the good from the bad. A couple key things to look for when shopping for proven skincare are:

-Natural Ingredients

-Physician Developed

-Results Oriented

Recently My Beauty Match was introduced to a skincare brand called Dermedicine ( The product line is a problem solution based treatment line developed by a leading group of Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons. The products also only use Natural Ingredients and have some pretty impressive clinical results.The brand had all 3 major attributes that we look for when shopping for quality anti aging products and we were very excited to try them.

Our in house editors tried the line for a few weeks and the results were great. Products were easy to use, felt really good, and smelled great. Our skin is feeling tighter, brighter, and rejuvenated. The only small negative is the price, however they do run sales  from time to time.

So if you are looking for a great skincare line definitely check out Dermedicine – you will not be disappointed!

Click Here For more info

Drink 10 Glasses of Water per Day? Are you Crazy??

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During the holiday its very important to stay hydrated and exercise. Too much sugar and alcohol can wreak havoc on our skin and the way our bodies feel. Water can help to alleviate these naughty yummies from sticking around on our face and hips….. Try to always drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. During the holidays try and up that to 10 a day. A good rule of thumb when drinking at holiday parties is, between each alcoholic drink have a glass of water. This will help keep you hydrated and not drunk. Go easy on the salt and sugar and try to go for a run the next morning. Your hips and skin will thank you! Happy Holidays!

How to Get Beautiful Eye Lashes

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To get extensions or not?

Everyone wants dark, long full eyelashes. We have written about products and eyelash strips before, but now My Beauty Match Insider Junkie has gotten extensions! First off, they look amazing and natural. She said it took about an hour and the initial cost is $200. Every 4-5 weeks you may need a fill which can cost anywhere from $50-$80. Yes it is expensive but imagine never having to buy or wear mascara again! For those of you who work out or have a career that requires you to be very active, extensions are the prefect solution.

If you decide to be brave and try this make sure you goto a reputable place or person. they should explain to you what size and length of las they will use. Silk lashes are the best but you need to have healthy lashes to begin with. Medical grade glue should be used as to not cause an allergic reaction. Our vote is yes, get extensions and you will be batting your lashes just in time for the mistletoe!

To Spray Tan or not to Spray Tan?

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To spray or not to spray?

We know outdoor/natural tanning is bad, tanning beds are a no-no and spray tans are on the outs… So what is a girl to do during the winter months to get a healthy golden glow? My Beauty Match product junkie says- “spray organically”. The hottest tanning product to hit the market is organic spray tans. SJolie contains none of the yucky unhealthy ingredients found in traditional spray tans. Now you can be tan and natural!

How do Celebrities keep their hair looking freshly done all the time?

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Celebrity Hair 2 Days Later

How do celebs keep their hair looking freshly done all the time? We think we have the answer, Living Proof Prime Style Extender! This style extender hair primer leaves your hair looking like you just stepped out of your stylist chair, even after 2 days! Living Proof is one of our favorite haircare brands at My Beauty Match, because the products really work! Available at Sephora, so run don’t walk!

Canadian Beauty Bloggers are making their mark

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I was invited last Friday to the product launch for a great new skincare line that I cannot wait to try and share with you.

If you have sensitive skin or if you are looking for products that are preservative-free and that contain organic ingredients, you’ll surely want to read about my experience with Kosmea (a skincare line from Australia).

This was a really chic launch set in the “pink room” of one of the most elegant hotels in the city. Discovering this new line from down-under was a thrill in itself, but having the opportunity to actually meet in person a number of other Canadian Beauty Bloggers was even better.

Nubella is giving out Free Recipe eBooks to help you start cooking healthy!

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free healthy recipes
There’s no need to have a long post for this one because it’s pretty straight forward!

Nothing can replace eating well when it comes to aging well. You will never (EVER) be able to replace the benefits of eating good quality food because when you think about it food is the ultimate fuel that helps you body function at optimum levels.

You just need to visit the recipe page and enter your email address and you’ll receive a cookbook filled with recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

If you are ready to try some new healthy recipes, just visit the recipe page: Get Your Free Healthy Recipe eBook

Join today to download a free printable booklet with recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

This offer is ONLY available to US readers!


How to Find the Right Moisturizer for Your Skin?

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As we head into Spring and Summer, our skin care needs change. Gone are the long days of winter and dry itchy skin. Now we need to figure out what moisturizer to wear that won’t clog pores or sweat off during the day or our workout.

When choosing an oil free moisturizer you want to ensure it is still going to hydrate skin enough. Looking closely at ingredients will make the difference between an ‘okay’ moisturizer and a ‘fantastic’ one. Look for products that contain some type of hydrating acid, like Hyaluronic. Hyaluronic Acid is one of our favorite ingredients because it is natural and incredibly hydrating. Hyaluronic Acid hold 1000 times its own weight in water and acts similarly to collagen within our skin.

If keeping natural is important to you then look for a moisturizer that contains a heavy duty triple threat anti-oxidant like Organic Tea. Goldfaden Since1967 Skincare’s 3-in-1 Daily Moisturizer ( contains Organic Red Tea extract which helps with inflammation, irritation and delivers essential vitamins A,C and E! This moisturizer will hydrate and nourish skin and the fragrance is light and delicious.

If you have extremely sensitive skin or extremely oily skin you may like a new product we came across called SPAfrica Oil Free Seaweed moisturizer ( This light weight moisturizer almost feels like a serum, it’s that light! Seaweed increases cellular density of skin and assists with barrier protection. Who doesn’t want that? This moisturizer is oil free and fragrance free. SPAfrica is ‘one to watch’ as a natural efficacious skincare line!

A Massage Feels Great But Is It Good For You Too?

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There are many different types of massage – Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, etc – and most people associate massage with relaxation. It is true that a massage is an amazing form of relaxation and stress release, but is a massage good for you too?

There are many health benefits of a massage that most people are not aware. One of the main benefits is that a massage reduces fatigue and can help you handle stress better. According to many industry leading sources, stress is one of the most common causes of disease. Reducing stress will help prevent exposure to disease.

Regular Massage also reduces inflammation in soar muscles and allows oxygen to better flow through the blood stream. There have also been numerous studies done citing massage as a weight loss remedy. Although the results are a bit inconclusive, massage has been shown to reduce cellulite by breaking up young fat cells before they have time to mature.

So next time you are in need of some relaxation or stress release, don’t second guess yourself about getting a massage because not only will be doing good for your mind, body, and overall health – it may just save your life in the long run!

To Learn more visit: Mayo Clinic – Massage


At Home Manicure in Just 10 Minutes!

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How many times have you said, “I just don’t have time to get a mani!”. Well, now you can fix that problem at home in ten minutes! My beauty Match nail art junkie just showed up with the most amazing nails ever! KISS nail artist are stickers for your nails. They look like the BEST manicure you’ve ever had. Offered in so many colors and patterns your head will spin when trying to decide…… All you do is stick them on your clean nail and then file off the excess sticker. Brilliant! My Beauty Match nail junkie chose black and silver lace and they are amazing! You can find them at Walgreens and at $8.99 you can get a few for yourself and for stocking stuffers!

Switch Up Your Hair This Holiday Season

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Switch up your hair this holiday Season

It is holiday party season and you want to look your best. This year try something new and daring with your hair style. Ballerina buns are all the rage right now and they’re easier to create than you think. All you need to do is google ‘how to make a bun” and you will find a wealth of youtube tutorials. You can also invest in a very affordable sock bun kit, which is basically just a sock with the toe cut off and then rolled( easy to make at home….hint hint). Add some dangly earrings and “hello gorgeous!”, you’re ready for any holiday party.

Kate Hudson’s Favorite Beauty Products

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Kate Hudson Glows

We all know by now that exfoliation is the key to glowing, tight, even skin tone. However, in a world full of scrubs how is a girl to choose?  We looked to one of our favorite celebrities and trend setters, the beautiful Kate Hudson, to see what she uses to get her gorgeous glow.  Kate is over the moon about GOLDFADEN MD’s DOCTOR’S SCRUB, which she shared in the October issue of People Style Watch. DOCTOR’S SCRUB utilizes ruby crystal, seaweed extract and hyaluronic acid to stimulate cell renewal by polishing away dead surface cells, leaving skin brighter, clearer and younger-looking. If it is good enough for Kate, its good enough for the My Beauty Match Beauties! Available at

Look Amazing in Every Picture

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Look Amazing in Every Picture!

Thanks to the legendary makeup mogul and celebrity photographer, Davis Factor, we will now have seven quick tips on how to look better in photographs! Glamour magazine asked Davis the seven most important things to do or not do when being photographed.

  1. Apply your makeup in the same light that you will be photographed in.
  2. Use a light reflecting concealer. This is will help to keep under eye darkness at bay.
  3. Easy on the blush!
  4. Use and anti-shine product like Smashbox ANTI-SHINE! This helps even the oiliest of skin look matte and radiant!
  5. Get creative with your face and body.  Tilt a hip or turn your head slightly. A camera hates a head on shot and it can make you appear larger than you really are.
  6. NO Gum. You will inevitably mess your makeup and the act of chewing make wrinkles and fine-lines more prominent.