Whish Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum 35 ml

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Whish Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum 35 ml

Whish Flawless ingrown hair serum

You don’t have to be a princess to want perfect skin. Whether you’ve discovered the pleasures of our Shave Crave, or if you’re still one of those girls who wax, the occasional bump may appear in your “problem” areas. Flawless banishes those ugly bumps and ingrown hairs.

This deliciously fresh smelling formula uses clinically proven active ingredients that restore your skin’s suppleness and weakens hair follicles, inhibiting future growth. You won’t need to kiss a frog to break the “bump” curse. Just a pump of Flawless healing gel will restore princess perfect skin.

User Ratings and Reviews

5 Stars Little product, big results
This product has worked wonders for me, and I’m so glad I tried it. I use it for my bikini area just once a day, right after I shave and get out of the shower. It gets rid of current irritation, and it keeps bumps from coming back later on in the day.

Prior to using this product, I had done a lot of research and tried several different techniques to get rid of bikini-zone irritation: using only fresh razor blades, not pressing against my skin, using mineral oil, etc. The truth is, if I want ALL the hair gone, I need go over spots several times in multiple directions, and that creates irritation. But this serum combats that.

You’re also getting your money’s worth, I believe. I only have to use a small amount (about one squirt from the bottle) once a day.

I’d tried several different balms before. For example, Bikini Zone worked well, but it needed to be applied at least twice a day to stay effective. I have very sensitive, fair skin with a ruddy complexion, so any kind of irritation shows up as bright as a stop sign. I was amazed this product worked so well because I have used other Derma Doctor products before (KP Duty) with very poor results. I believe the company has struck gold with this product, though. I’d suggest trying it: it worked where many other approaches had fallen short.

5 Stars Excellent results!
I used the noxima bikini razors (disposable) followed by this gel. I did NOT have ANY bumps or irritation whatsoever. I usually (without treatment) get bumps within an hour. I highly recommend this!

5 Stars Fabulous Product
I have used both tend skin and prince reigns – both of which work. But the whish product is the best I have used. It smells great and the results are great. It particularly reduced the redness which is where i have the most problems. i would highly recommend this product.

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