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Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow is Fabulous

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Rich Shadow

Bobbi Brown is the best year after year and this time is no different. Bobbi Brown wows us all again with Rich Color Eye Shadow. Her shadows go on smooth and stay on! With over 30 hues to choose from, you can’t go wrong! I’m wearing wine right now….

Bobbi Brown Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow – Champagne 13, .08 oz _ Buy Now

Colored Eye Lids are all the Rage this Spring

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Revamp Spring Eyes

Spring is in the air and colored eye lids are all the rage. Instead of the go-to black liquid liner my beauty match makeup junkie suggests trying out a color that compliments your eyes. If you have green eyes try a purple or violet shade. Brown-eyed girls go for blues and greens and blue eyes try blue and metallic hues. Thanks to Urban Decay you can make it a one stop shopping excursion because they just came out with 68 rich deep shades! Urban Decay’s new revamped formulas are velvety and go on smooth.  Best part is they can be worn two different ways. As a liner or a shadow! How can you go wrong girls?!

Getting the Perfect Smokey Eyes

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No Muddy Eyes – Smokey Eyes!

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How many times have we tried to get the perfect sexy smokey eye only to end up with a muddy mess? There is definitely a ‘science’ to getting the perfect smokey eyes. Insiders at My Beauty Match swear by an easy 3-step process. Choose two complimentary colors, one lighter than the other. Use the lighter color on the lid, fill the crease with the darker color blend up with a small brush.  To top off the look add a dark liner along the lash line. For an extra smokey look you can line the bottom of the eye and smudge.

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9 easy steps to perfect make-up application for a flawless face!

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If you are going to create perfectly flawless make-up in your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond you have to remember the golden rule of creating the perfect make-up: less is more!

Unless you are in your twenties or unless you are going to an event that calls for loads of make-up … then you are doing yourself a disservice by applying layers and layers of make-up. You don’t fool anyone … you just look like you are trying to hide something.

The second golden rule is that you need beautiful skin to have the perfect make-up … so it’s really important to focus on the quality of your skin and making it as healthy looking as possible.

Now when it comes to applying foundation, blush, eye make-up and lip colour, these few tips might help you:

1) Moisturizer: You need to apply a moisturizer even if you have oily or combination skin. You simply need to find a formula suited to your skin type.

If you’re not wearing primer before applying your foundation … your makeup is simply not complete!

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I know Paula Begoun, author of “Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me”, snubs primers and thinks that you should only need a good moisturizer, but I bet you a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes that the makeup artist who prepped her for the “CityLine” Show I saw her on surely used a primer.

You can read more of my beef with some of Paula’s views here: I don’t agree with Paula Begoun author of “Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me”.

I don’t know too many professional makeup artists who don’t swear by primers because they see what it does for their clients’ skin and as long as a primer helps my skin look flawless … I’ll be the first one to whip out my credit card to buy a tube.

Primers are fantastic and they actually do make a huge difference in not only how easily you apply your makeup by they also make a difference in how smoothly your makeup stays on throughout the day.

I would never dream of applying makeup before an important event without using a primer first (PERIOD!).

New MAC Cosmetics Dame Edna Collection launches today (December 26)!

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Dame Edna Everage might not be well known in America, but she’s quite popular in her homeland (the U.K.) and in Canada.

When RuPaul was still in diapers (former face of MAC Cosmetics), Dame Edna had already been living large as one of the most popular drag queen personalities.

This flamboyant character who has never been afraid of wearing makeup has become the latest face of MAC Cosmetics. This is a coup for MAC because not only is Dame Edna a gender bender, but she’s also well into her 60s (if not more) and she’s still deemed suitable to be a covergirl!

My MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2008 makeup session using the Red She Said Collection!

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I’m a woman who usually does the oh-my-God-I’ve-got-to-run-five-minute-makeup job before dashing off to events or to a meeting with a friend so you can imagine how much of a thrill it is for me to sit down with a renowned makeup artist and get the same treatment models get backstage during Paris … or Milan … or London … or New York fashion week!

MAC Cosmetics’ Senior Artist Jane McKay is a whiz with her makeup brushes and she’s one hell of an educator as well!

Last month, I highlighted my first meeting with Jane. If you missed all that incredible information and all those makeup tips for women over 35, you can still catch the posts here:

Should women over 35 continue to wear MAC Cosmetics makeup? (part 1)

Should women over 35 continue to wear MAC Cosmetic makeup? (part 2)

Since this IS the party season of the year it made perfect sense to me to sit down with Jane and talk about makeup tips for the holiday and also play with MAC’s Holiday 2008 “Red She Said” collection.

Norman Sands from NARS Cosmetics talks holiday makeup!

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*** This is an exciting post because Norman Sands will share some of his makeup tips for the holidays that were featured in a recent edition of OK! magazine. As with all of Norman’s tips, this is as detailed as can be ladies!***

nars sparkles eye shadow
How to add sparkles to your holiday makeup by Norman Sands

Let’s start from the beginning, here are three mistakes women make when they use sparkles:

1) I think women get overwhelmed with all the options and they don’t know how to wear sparkle makeup.

Should women over 35 continue to wear MAC Cosmetic makeup? (part 2)

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Spending time with Senior Artist Jane McKay from MAC cosmetics is like sitting down with an encyclopedia of makeup.

Her knowledge is so vast that I could barely keep up writing all tips she was sharing with me.

I hope you read part one of this incredible feature and here’s part two!

5) What about ethnic beauties? How can Asian women, Latinas and darker skin beauties work with makeup trends as they age?

* It’s very important that you choose a concealer and a foundation that will help achieve an even look. Ethnic beauties usually have a hard time at it with dark spots on their face and it makes such a huge difference when you even out the skin.

* Ethnic beauties MUST invest in the right foundation and the right texture for their skin.

* Ethnic beauties usually have a yellow undertone and using pink will seriously brighten and open the face.

Should women over 35 continue to wear MAC Cosmetics makeup? (part 1)

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I’ve been wearing MAC Cosmetics for a long time now. I mix some MAC colours with my other makeup items and I cannot remember when was the last time my makeup bag didn’t include at least three to four MAC products.

Lately, I’ve been wondering if MAC Cosmetics was a line that was still appropriate for women over 35. When you look at a cosmetic line like Bobbi Brown where all the colours are greyed down it’s easier to see how women of a certain age would gravitate towards that line.

MAC Cosmetics has much brighter and bolder colours and I wanted to understand how women needed to approach the line as they age.

I met with Senior Artist Jane McKay for a little MAC education.

During my meeting with her, I had some precise questions and she in return had very precise answers. She also managed to give me a 15-minute face that completely hid all of my hyperpigmentation spots (you’ll see the photo at the end of part 2).

Senior Artist Jane McKay from MAC Cosmetics makeup and beauty tips:

My favourite Cover Girl runway looks for fall 2008 (get the Cover Girl Look Book)

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***Procter Gamble Beauty is offering their Fall 2008 Look Book … you can download it at the end of this post!***

I still remember my reaction at a summer P & G Beauty function when I found out that famed makeup artist Pat McGrath (and P & G Global Creative Design Director) had created the fall 2008 runway looks for a number of big designers and that we’d be able to get a sneak peak.

When I heard that, I gasped and for about a few seconds I stopped breathing because U.K. base Pat McGrath is one of the biggest international makeup artists and she’s worked on pretty much every single big fashion show you can think of and she’s been responsible for creating memorable faces for designers such as Prada, Miu Miu and Dolce and Gabbana.

Lancôme launches a new line of makeup with Canadian model Daria Werbowy

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Daria Werbowy Lancome makeup
Daria Werbowy is the newest model to launch a makeup line in collaboration with a makeup company.

Daria not only participated in the creation of Brazilian Earth Colors with Lancome, but she’ll also become the spokesmodel for a rich collection of lipstick, lipgloss and eyeshadow: Color Fever Gloss in Nude Prainha, Color Design Eye Shadow Quad in Carnet de Velours and Color Fever lipstick in Beige Caracai.

This makeup line has more than an aesthetic purpose.

Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara = maximum volume without clumping

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“Big, bold, look-at-me lashes”

It’s so easy for companies to make these types of claims. If you’ve seen the TV advertisement with Drew Barrymore for Cover Girl’s new LashBlast mascara, then you’ll remember the catchy line.

Here’s the deal, the catchy line is far more than just a cute giggle created by a clever advertising company. Cover Girl’s LashBlast is FANTASTIC!

Pink Beauty has created a blush for women who have a naturally reddish complexion

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pink beauty skincare
I was invited not long ago to a makeup session with Pink Beauty for their summer collection Pink in the Nude. The event was appropriately held at a local restaurant also called Nyood (pronounced nude).

You don’t have to twist my arm to spend an afternoon eating delicious appetizers, sipping on a delicious cocktail (appropriately called Pink Beauty) and talking about makeup.

April Jacob, founder and creator of Pink Beauty, presented two distinct looks that were both very soft and very flattering.

Guerlain two-brush mascara is now sold in North America

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guerlain two-brush mascara
It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here!

Guerlain’s new two-brush mascara (Le 2 de Guerlain Mascara) has been quite popular in Europe and it’s finally here!

Mascara can be such a frustrating thing to apply. I’ve always said that it’s all in the brush when it comes to the perfect mascara application and Guerlain seems to obviously agree with my findings (I wish) and that’s why they’ve created this duo-brush mascara!

Have you ever watched a professional makeup artist apply mascara on one of their celebrity clients? It almost seems like they are coating each lash individually and it can take several minutes to get that perfect frame for your eyes.

Yves Saint Laurent Cosmetics Soleil d’Afrique

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yves saint laurent makeup
Soleil d’Afrique translates to “African sun” and that’s exactly the look you’ll get with Yves Saint Laurent’s new collector powder.

Yves Saint Laurent is the first line of makeup I ever bought when I started wearing makeup at 16 or 17.

I loved the rich shades that were so different from anything on the market and let’s face it … I LOVED the gold case they makeup came in.

These days, Yves Saint Laurent offers a little less bling out the outside, but the colours and shades are as rich as they were when I was a teenager (wow…did I just write that?).