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Dr. Steven P Jepson’s Skin Perfection MD
How bad is your adult acne?

On a scale of 1 to 5, would you say that your adult acne is:

1- Mild Occasional
2- On going blemishes
3- Moderate Acne
4- Moderate to Severe
5- Severe Acne

Created by Aesthetic Skin Care Specialist Dr. Steven P Jepson MD, Skin Perfection MD (which is regularly featured on TV) claims to be 10 times better than Proactiv!

Proactiv has been populating our late night and weekend TV watching for many years now. This might be one of the most successful acne treatments in North America for teenagers in recent years.

If you notice, I did say ‘adolescents/teenagers’. I’ve spoken to a number of dermatologists who have claimed that a product like Proactiv is highly effective in your teenager years and young adult years because your skin produces a lot more sebum (oil produced by your glands). As you age, you produce less oil and you don’t tend to have the type of crazy-all-over acne that afflicts teens.

Proactiv in many cases, tends to be quite drying to adult skin and it may solve the acne problem, but it can leaves your skin very dry.

It’s always to remember that when it comes to skin, dehydration can equate to premature wrinkles.

The Skin Perfection MD formula is said to have taken the drying affect traditionally caused by topical acne prescribed and non-prescribed products.

Would you like to find a treatment for adult acne?

Wow, now that’s the 100,000 dollar question most of us dealing with adult acne would like to answer ‘YES’ to!

The reality is that it might take a lot of “trial and errors” before finding the right type of adult acne product that will help at dealing with the bacteria that leads to acne while NOT dehydrating your skin.

What makes Skin Perfection MD a potential contender in fighting your adult acne?

The manufacturer offers these three reasons:

1. Skin Perfection MD uses only high quality proven ingredients without cheap fillers
like most others

2. Skin Perfection MD is a unique pimple fighting three-acid approach that kills the bacteria that causes acne and leaves your skin healthy and clean

3. Skin Perfection MD was developed by a Medical Doctor – Dr. Steven P Jepson MD-
and had been used with great success in his own medical practice for the last several

You can receive free beauty samples of Skin Perfection MD for 15 days

This is not a traditional beauty samples offer because you get to see during the first 15 days if you like Dr. Steven P Jepson’s Skin Perfection MD enough to keep it.

You basically will not be charged for the 15 days of trial (you’ll only have to pay $6.95 for shipping and handling). If you do decide to keep the product, you will be charged for the price of the product, and if you are not totally satisfied, simply cancel at any time.

It’s true that a 15-day trial is not as interesting as actually only having the pay a small fee for shipping and getting free beauty samples, but this quasi-free-beauty-samples offer at least lets you try the product and see if this is something you actually want to keep.

If you want to find out how to take advantage of this 15-day trial, you can find all the detail by clicking (this offer is only available to US readers): Dr. Steven P Jepson’s Skin Perfection MD.

We have a dedicated page on free beauty samples and free make up samples that you can visit by clicking on this link: Free Beauty Samples.


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