Should women over 35 shop at H&M?

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fashion tip for women over 35
I was recently reading an interview with former French model Ines de la Fressange in the French edition of “Elle“. Ines was Karl Lagerfeld’s (head designer at Chanel) muse during the 80s and 90s at Chanel couture. Yes, before Nicole Kidman, there was Ines!

I really was beside myself when I read the headlines stating that Ines was 50! I still remember flipping pages of “Vogue” as a teenager and watching fashion shows on TV and I remember Ines like it was yesterday … I just didn’t realize it had been that long ago and that she was 50 (born on August 11 1957).

I’ll admit that had it not been for the headline, I would have guessed her age at maybe 37 … she looks incredible.

I know for a fact that the French don’t go overboard with all of the anti-aging industry like we do in North America and I doubt Ines had any cosmetic work done.

In her article she actually talks about avoiding any type of cosmetic enhancement because she doesn’t find it looks natural.

The reason I bring up Ines is because in her style revelations she talks about H&M. She describes how she mixes designer or couture labels with some great finds from H&M.

I’m so happy Ines highlighted that because some women over 35 might think that a shop like H&M caters only to teenagers and young adults. A quick browse through H&M racks and you’ll see their sizes go from XS (extra small) to L (large). Their sizes are very generous and you might have to go down one size compared to other stores. I should also add that many of my friends living in Paris also love shopping at H&M and in many cases you cannot tell simply because of the way they mix and match.

Not everything will suit every body type, but everyone will find something at H & M and at times their prices are almost laughable.

I recently bought a number of t-shirts at H&M to mix with some of my designer wear and I could not believe that I got some really (REALLY) nice white t-shirts for only $9.90!

Another thing I’d like to highlight about H&M is the plentiful handbags priced at $20, $30, $40.

The ‘Style over 35 Tip’ would be not to be afraid of walking into shops like H&M and Zara and mixing and matching. You get great finds and you cannot beat the price. It’s true that some of the pieces you buy might not last longer than a season … but at those prices … you won’t feel cheated.

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  • Janine


    I’m two months from 40 and LOVE H&M. I find, actually, that I have to wear a size UP from my usual sizes, but I don’t care. I get terrific fashion-forward pieces and amazing accessories from H&M. They notch up the style flavour of my wardrobe and they ALL elicit the most delightful compliments from folks when I wear them. LOVE, love, love!


  • kiki


    I never thought anyone would even think that an over 35 yr old woman could not shop at H&M….People should shop anywhere they find their style. Do your own thing:))


  • Beauty Match Team



    I love the way you think when you say “do your own thing”. This feature was to make sure women don’t think they should stop doing certain things when they reach a certain age!

    Thanks for your valuable comment!



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