Should women over 35 continue to wear MAC Cosmetic makeup? (part 2)

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Spending time with Senior Artist Jane McKay from MAC cosmetics is like sitting down with an encyclopedia of makeup.

Her knowledge is so vast that I could barely keep up writing all tips she was sharing with me.

I hope you read part one of this incredible feature and here’s part two!

5) What about ethnic beauties? How can Asian women, Latinas and darker skin beauties work with makeup trends as they age?

* It’s very important that you choose a concealer and a foundation that will help achieve an even look. Ethnic beauties usually have a hard time at it with dark spots on their face and it makes such a huge difference when you even out the skin.

* Ethnic beauties MUST invest in the right foundation and the right texture for their skin.

* Ethnic beauties usually have a yellow undertone and using pink will seriously brighten and open the face.

6) Can you give us three easy tricks so that women can turn their daytime look into a nighttime look in five minutes?

It’s so easy to go from daytime makeup to nighttime makeup in a few easy steps:

* Wear fake eyelashes because it adds instant glam factor.

* Use a black pencil inside the eye and add a black line on top of the eyelid – if you don’t like black pencils, don’t be afraid to use grey or dark brown instead … this will give your eyes a lot of drama.

* ALWAYS wear gloss when you go out at night.

7) As a makeup artist, what are the three things you see that women do with their makeup that drive you crazy?

It really comes back to what I had said earlier. Woman of every age group have a problem with

* Choosing the right colours for their skin tone.

* Properly blending colours so you cannot tell one colour starts and the other ends.

* Not overdoing it when it comes to makeup … you don’t have to wear a lot of makeup to look good.

#8) At MAC you offer a consultation service. Why are those consultation services so important at providing some guidance to women when it comes to applying makeup properly for your face?

* Our beauty consultants have years of experience.

* The recommendations are suited to your specific needs.

* With each new season, you should really consider getting a makeup-bag-tune-up.

* A makeup consultation is fun and playful … it’s the ideal way to get a great new look that will enhance your features.

* When you book a consultation with a MAC beauty expert, your fee is deductable against products you buy. So in the end you get great advice and you get products that you’ve tried on and feel comfortable wearing.

Jane also recommends bringing in your makeup bag so that the beauty expert can guide you with what you have and you don’t end up buying the same colours you already have at home.

9) What are some of the hottest makeup trends for fall 2008?

* The burgundy lip is very popular this season. “At MAC Cosmetics we call it Devine”. ***Krizia, do you mean “Divine?”**** Women over 35 can still wear this trend, but instead of wearing a heavy burgundy lip, you might want to use burgundy as a stain and top it off with a clear gloss … that way you get the burst of colour, but the colour is not wearing you … you are wearing it.

* The perfect-flawless face is important. “At MAC Cosmetics we call it Honed”. Skin is the most important part of makeup. It doesn’t matter what colours you wear or how expensive is your makeup … if you don’t have beautiful skin … then nothing will really look quite right.

* Purple is an undeniable trend for the season and it’s a PERFECT colour for ethnic beauties. When it comes to purple, don’t have to use it on the entirety of the lid and you don’t have to use too much of it. Just a dab of purple will open your eyes!

* This season is all about the sexy eye and using eyeliner is key. “At MAC Cosmetics we call this 7tease” (aka 70s) and it really elongates the eye. That said, it’s still important to keep the eye liner soft and not hard.

Contouring is THE secret of celebrities!

During my makeup session with Jane she showed me how to contour. She revealed that many of the Hollywood stars have A-list makeup artists who use contouring with powder to really help define, minimize certain features or sculpt the face.

She used one darker bronzer on the outer part of my face and a lighter colour of Mineralize Skin Finish on the bridge of my nose, around my mouth and under my eyes to soften lines or any hollow effect I might have.

It was incredible to see the difference. That said, contouring is an art and that’s the kind of question you should have for your beauty consultant. They can show you to contouring your face and then you can practice at home and do it yourself.

My MAC Cosmetics face!

It took Jane about 20 minutes to do my face and that included the contour and also miraculously hiding all my hyperpigmentation marks with the MOST incredible concealer I’ve come across.

Here’s the list of colours Jane used on my face:

* MAC NC 50 Select Cover Concealer

* Medium Dark Mineralize Skin Finish Pressed Powders

* Dark Mineralize Skin Finish Pressed Powders (she used this as a bronzer on the outer parts of my face)

* Antique Gold Cream Colour Base (this is one of the best gold shades I’ve ever tried)

* Espresso (this is the perfect shade of brown)

* Parfait Amour Eye shadows (this is an incredible shade of purple)

* Lingering brow pencil

* Pink Swoon blush (this such a beautiful bright shade of pink … it instantly brightens and opens my face)

* Viva Glam 1 lipstick (this is a lipstick with a cause)

* Fix+ Spray (this is a spray that fixes your makeup and it’s a great hydration tool when you have to be on an airplane)

It was interesting when she said that she did exactly what she had done on her face that morning on my face, but she simply used shades that were appropriate to my skin tone … since she was a fair-skinned blonde and I’m not.

Here’s the finished look:

mac cosmetics

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  • Ebonie Butterfly


    YES, YES, YES…we can afford it! I am 36 but because I wear good makeup people tend to think I am around 26. I match my makeup with my clothes. I do believe you may want to use a light hand and not so heavy do one bright color at a time not 3. MAC does make neutrals so pick a few of those up. Pick and choose but do what you looks good on you. Leave the clown makeup at the circus. I still wear my skirt right above the knee, Red lipstick, and I love Beyonce and Rhianna. You are only as old as you think you are. So older women the answer is YES we can 40 is the new 20!


  • Beauty Match Team



    Thanks for your enthusiasm and thank you for representing women over 35 is such a way.

    You are right … it’s all about attitude.

    If you choose to you can look as young as you feel for as long as you want.



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