She’s Got the Look is looking for models over 35?

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Do you remember the 80s supermodel Kim Alexis? She was the blonde with a mole on her left chin. As a young girl and young teenager, I still remember Kim’s face all over the cover of my Vogue magazines as the pretty blonde American model.

A few weeks ago, I was channel surfing trying to get away from the gloom and doom news of the financial markets free falling when I saw this advert for “She’s Got the Look: The modelling competition for women over 35″. I just about died because I thought that Miss Fierce-Tyra-Banks had the monopoly on modelling competitions in TV-land and I thought that the prerequisite 18-year-old-size-zero-girl-with-no-curves was what TV audiences wanted to watch!

I won’t go so far as to say that I’ve never watched an episode of “America’s Next Top Model” because I have … it’s really entertaining and the producers have done an amazing job at putting these young girls in situations that bring the “real” person inside (many times it’s not a pretty picture or a model perfect photo).

“She’s Got the Look” is the adult version of “America’s Next Top Model”. All the models are (get this) over 35! Yes, ladies, if you missed out on that modelling career in your teens and you are aging well, it’s still time for to turn that dream into reality.

Now, I’ve not yet caught the show live because it’s been particularly busy for me lately and I’ve pretty much cut out all evening TV other than “Lipstick Jungle” (I cannot miss that show) in order to fit all the latest product launch events, Christmas parties, emails, comments from readers and workload, but I thought this was such a phenomenal and monumental event that I just had to highlight it!

I think Kim Alexis is the perfect host for the show because at 48 (born July 15, 1960) she’s gorgeous and considering she’s the mother of five kids, one can clearly see from her physique that moms can be sexy in their late 40s. Beverly Johnson (who is one of my Celebrity Beauty Match Picks: Beverly Johnson is sensational in her fifties! ) is also a judge on the show.


Beverly Johnson is a bit like the “Barack Obama of the modelling world” because she’s the first black model to grace the covers of major fashion magazines like Vogue and today at 56 (born October 13, 1952), she’s doesn’t look a day older than 34! Alongside these two models, Sean Patterson (president of Wilhelmina Models, Inc) and Robert Verdi (lifestyle expert) are also judges.

Here are some photos that prove that 18 year olds don’t have the monopoly on being models  (remember all these women are over 35!):

If you want to look at more photos from the modelling competition for women over 35, you can catch all the highlights here:  “She’s Got the Look

You can catch “She’s Got the Look” in the U.S. on TV Land and on W Network in Canada.

Ladies, this is what being over 35 looks like!


All photos are from from the “She’s Got the Look” page

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Comments (5)

  • Maudrey


    Can I just say, it’s about time. I applaud the people behind this show for providing a venue for women to realize dreams they may have missed out on or had to forego earlier in their lives. Also, some of these women actually have curves. Bravo! This gives younger women an idea of what a better and healthier body image is.


  • Beauty Match



    I could NOT agree with you more … it’s about time that the fashion world wake up to the fact that us women over 35, 40 and 50 are aging beautifully!


  • Victoria Oakley


    I just looked over your models shown above for the over 36 contest, and while they are all very pretty, my daughter who is 36 years old, is more beautiful than any one of them.

    Everywhere we go, people stop us to tell her how beautiful she is, and the cool part of it is that she looks like the true All American Girl. She has what she calls “canteloupe eyes” (they are large and green,) and she has blonde hair. I have heard men say that her legs are up to her waist! She does have very long beautiful legs
    and is extremely athletic.

    Does anyone know how can she get involved in modeling at her age? She is perfect for that type of thing and would love it, I think. She is a fahionista who has impeccable taste.

    I would love to surprise her with a lead that could turn into an opportunity.


  • Melissa Black


    Hey from melissa black in peoria,Az AND a young 51. Recent photos are on this resume and photo link – i own and run MUSIC BY MELISSA here in the phoenix area (home studio of Jordin Sparks) and just wanted to agree with everything i have read here. Its all about attitude and i am living proof – people cannot believe i am over 35 and i tell them do what i did – marry a younger man!!! HAH HAH – thanks guys


  • Stéphanie


    Ho 37 anni e mi piacerebbe fare la modella per i cataloghi o pubblicità. Non sono altra 1.75m ma 1,63m e 50kg. Carnaggione molto chiara. Spero che qualche agenzia sta cercando persone con il mio profilo.


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