Sass, Style and Substance reads for June 13th

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Here are the weekly Sass, Style & Substance reads for the weekend of ***June 13th*** packed with great beauty, fashion, style and diet tips from some of the top top lifestyle bloggers!

eye4style is staying dry with the chicest umbrella of all.

A Touch of Blusher
A Touch of Blusher previews Lancôme’s fall 2009 collection.

Eat Smart Age Smart
7 reasons why you cannot lose weight

Beauty Match
Belisi Italian Leather Bags for $19.95!!!

Raging Rouge
Raging Rouge takes a walk down memory lane with Calvin Klein.

Have you ever thought you looked good, until you saw the pictures afterwards?

Beauty and Fashion Tech
Beauty and Fashion Tech is Running the Chicago Marathon for Charity!

Splendicity Accessories
Are you mourning the loss of eLuxury? At least you can find some great fashion on sale right now!


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