Robin McGraw’s favourite beauty products and her best kept beauty secrets!

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Robin McGraw beauty secrets

I’ve featured one of Robin’s favourite beauty secrets in December: the Derma Roller. I quickly noticed that a lot of women were looking to learn more about this anti-aging product … no doubt the fact that it was featured as one of Robin McGraw’s favourite anti-aging secrets must have helped a lot!

Given that so many of my long time readers and new readers are very interested by Robin’s advice, I’ve decided to do a little digging and highlight some great beauty references from the site.

Robin McGraw’s favourite beauty products:

* Robin’s secrets to looking younger

* How Robin McGraw ages gracefully

* Robin’s presentation of the Derma Roller

* Robin’s secret to healing scars (in this case, severe scars)

* Robin’s advice for a 21 year-old who is afraid of aging

* Robin McGraw interviews Olivia Newton-John, Cher, Bernadette Peters and Mimi Rogers on their beauty secrets

* Robin’s tricks and tips to being over 40 and still looking F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!

* Robin’s anti-aging tips

Robin McGraw on menopause:

* Robin’s experience about menopause

* Supplements for menopause

Robin McGraw on dealing with perimenopausal hormonal changes

Robin McGraw on general health issues:

* Robin’s daily routine to staying healthy

* Robin and Olivia Newton-John on breast cancer awareness

* Robin on dealing hormonal changes causes by PMS

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  • George



    What a site!

    I got more stuff on beauty products through your site.The information provided by you is very good.

    It is very helpful. People have always strive to become more beautiful.


  • Beverly Yarrington


    Dear Robin, I tried that vinegar and water and lemon drink in your book that is so blame strong I can’t drink it are you sure there wasn’t a mistake in the proportions Just wondering. I had to dilute it way down


  • Beauty Match



    I’m so pleased you’d want to know more about Robin McGraw’s beauty secrets.

    I’ve not yet reviewed her new book, but intend on doing that on the site over the weekend.

    I’m unfortunately not able to help you with the vinegar/water/lemon drink, but it sounds to me like a body cleanse … almost like the Master Cleanse Beyonce used to drop 20 lbs before her DreamGirls movie.

    If it’s a cleanse you are looking for …. there are many other options that might be more welcoming to the palette.

    We’ll be reviewing a new one soon and we’ll be reviewing many more on our soon-to-be-released site on nutrition.

    Thanks for the comment and keep reading!!!


  • Angela Thompson


    I am looking for the name of the spa wrap that Robin mentioned one time that I think was benificial to help in weight loss


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