Robin McGraw’s beauty secrets show rerun

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Robin McGraw beauty secrets

I don’t know if you watched the rerun of Robin McGraw and Dr. Phil’s beauty makeover show with stylish and fashion critic Cojo (Steven Cojocaru) a few days ago? Remember the one where Robin McGraw, Dr. Phil and Cojo gave full makeover to a number of women who had been taking care of everyone in their lives expect for themselves?

I have no doubt that they decided to feature this show because it was one of the most popular shows they did.

A lot of women admire Robin McGraw and aspire to being able to wear the same brands she does and buy the same cosmetic and skincare products she does.

If you remember, I had actually done a full summary of the show and then a few days later I had highlighted a few more of Robin McGraw’s beauty and style secrets.

I still notice on a daily base how many women do searched on Google looking for ideas on Robin McGraw’s hairstyle, makeup, beauty secrets and her take of going through menopause.

I thought it would be fitting to go back to these original posts:

Robin McGraw’s favourite beauty products and her best kept beauty secrets!

Robin McGraw’s (Dr. Phil’s wife) beauty in your 40s and 50s television special almost crashed my server!

Did you watch Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw’s guide to beauty in your 40s and 50s?

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