Review: I’ve just completed a 60-day test of Derma MD products to control my acne

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I featured the acne control skincare line D-Zit a few months ago. If you remember, I got some great results from this line. Since trying the D-Zit acne system trial kit, I’ve discovered a few other products from Derma MD (they produce the D-Zit line) that help with inflammation (which is a by-product of having acne prone skin) and a product to help reduce the hyperpigmentation (aka dark spots left behind by your pimples).

You can read my original review here: Now you can control acne breakouts thanks to D-Zit: Acne System Trial Kit

This time around, I tried D-Zit’s key products along with two products from the Derma MD line for about 60 days (my test fell right in the middle of the holiday season when stress is at its high point and pimples are a fact of life).

Neither the D-Zit nor Derma MD products will deliver instant results. You’ll notice the results over time if you stick to this routine.

Oh, I should mention that during the time I was using the D-Zit and Derma MD products, I continued using Genuine Health’s Healthy Skin and Perfect Skin products because they have a different purpose. While D-Zit and Derma MD products help deal with my topical issues that are visible to the world, Genuine Health’s Healthy Skin and Perfect Skin products help balance out my hormones and provide my body with what’s missing to better control future acne breakouts

I’ll keep this simple by first listing my daily routine and then I’ll introduce the products I used!

My D-Zit and Derma MD daily routine for 60-days:

Acne control morning routine:

1) D-Zit Wasabi Cleanser (this product removes surface oil, bacteria and debris).

2) D-Zit Blemish Away spray (this is a spray designed to hydrate and soothe congested skin. The niacinamide in the product also helps reduce the “p” bacteria, which is responsible for acne breakouts).

3) Derma MD AstaXanthin Concentrate (this product helps inflammation and it’s an antioxidant with ingredients such as AstaXanthin, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3, Retinol, Copper Tripeptide-1, Stable Vitamin C).

4) My daily moisturizer

Note: During the time I was testing this acne control routine, I was using a light moisturizer from NUDE Skincare, but you can also use the D-Zit Oil Free Moisturizer with SPF 41 to complement this routine.

Acne control evening routine:

1) D-Zit Wasabi Cleanser

D-Zit Blemish Away spray

3) Derma MD Pigmentation-25 Lightening Serum (this products helps reduce and fade away dark spots thanks to ingredients like Kojic Acid (8%), L- Arbutin (6%), Magnesium, Songyi Mushroom Extract, Lumiskin TM, Melanostatine ® 5).

4) D-Zit Treatment gel (this product exfoliates the skin and reduces the appearance of scarring. The product also contains niacinamide and wasabi which help control the “p” bacteria).

>>>> Did I get good results?

As I’ve said earlier in this post, you should not expect to wake up the next morning with acne-free skin … that would simply be delusional.

The D-Zit and Derma MD line take time to work, but they do work (at least they worked for me).

What I really liked was that I didn’t break out as much and when I did, I found that the D-Zit Blemish Away spray, Derma MD AstaXanthin Concentrate and the D-Zit Treatment gel where amazing at calming my skin.

As I’ve said in initial review, the fact that Derma MD has created an ENTIRE program for acne-prone skin, it removes the guesswork. And because you’re not mixing products that “might” work together, you are getting better results because Derma MD has spent time and money testing their products and they know which work best together.

I know everyone is pinching pennies these days and I think that finding a complete system that delivers is even more important today than ever before because you don’t want to through your hard-earned money at products that deliver mediocre results.

Here’s another think I liked about the Derma MD product lines, it’s the fact that they did NOT dry out my skin. I tried these products in the dead of winter when it was -30 Celsius outside with the windshield factor and I have to tell you that I was worried about using acne control products that might dry out my skin. I’m pleased to report that Derma MD products are effective without leaving your skin feeling like sand paper.

Would I buy it? Yup, I would!

OVERALL REVIEW: I still think they are very good products.


How much will this acne busting system cost you?

1) D-Zit Wasabi Cleanser: $26.40 CAD/$18.00 US for the 120 ml/4 oz and $43.20 CAD/$34.00 US 240 ml/ 8 oz

2) D-Zit Blemish Away spray: $33.60 CAD/$22.95 US for the 120 ml/4 oz

3) Derma MD AstaXanthin Concentrate: $133.40 CAD/ $100 US for the 120 ml/ 4 oz

4) Derma MD Pigmentation-25 Lightening Serum: $84.95 CAD/$69.95 US 30 ml/1 oz

5) D-Zit Treatment gel: $72.00 CAD/$49.95 US for the 30 ml/1 oz

I know these prices are higher than a number of other products on the market, but this system is effective and you don’t need to use a huge amount of product because a little goes a very long way!

If you’d like to get the D-Zit Acne System Kit, you’ll find it at a number of spas across the country in Canada. If you’re not able to locate a spa that carries the product in your area, you can contact the Canadian distributor. American readers can contact the manufacturer for points of sale and American distributors. You’ll find all of the details below:

In Canada they can contact me to find a spa/salon that carries the product near them OR they can order direct from me.

Nature & Lifestyle Products Canada Inc.

1-866-262-3223 (in Edmonton)

Dgreenough (at)

If you live in the U.S., you can contact the manufacturer directly

MS Skintechnical

2501 West Behrend Drive Suite 1 & 3

Phoenix, Arizona


United States

(866) 940-7546

You can visit their web site here: MS Skintechnical

You can read more about Genuine Health’s products here:

YES! I’m on my way to curing my adult acne thanks to Genuine Health products!

Why you NEED to know about Healthy Skin from Genuine Health!


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