Perfect make-up for the office and the job interview

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Feature by Celebrity make-up artist and NARS Cosmetics trainer Norman Sands

What is your take on office-appropriate make-up? What does that mean exactly?

Office make-up is about being polished, professional and fresh!

Think about make-up the same way you do about clothing.  At NARS we call this “Wardrobing”.  With make-up you have basics, modern classics and accessories.

In your opinion, what should be a woman’s basic face at the office?

For most women it’s about effective products and time saving applications.  In the morning you want to keep it simple and easy.

>>> Where to start with your office make-up:

1. Start with a bit of foundation, concealer (as needed) and set with a light powder to even out the skin tone.  Powder foundation is a great alternative for summer and can be used for touch ups.


2. Next add a little warmth with bronzer on the cheeks.  This does wonders, especially when you feel tired or need to look refreshed.  Remember to pay attention to the eyebrows, as they frame the face…. A bit of mascara and something on the lips — and you’re out the door in minutes.


Here are some colours from NARS Cosmetics you might want to try for your office look:

* NARS Powder Foundation PA

* Duo Concealer, Multiple Bronzer

* Dolce Vita Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

>>> What kind of make-up should you apply for a job interview?

The most important thing is that you want them to remember you, NOT your make-up.  A little glow on the cheeks or gloss on the lips can be a nice touch.  You want to be perceived as confident and polished.

François Nars, creative director and founder of NARS Cosmetics, says that …

“Great skin is the first step in looking beautiful”

… so it is important to remember to take care of your skin as well.

>>> What are some good colors or color palettes for a job interview?

As a rule, warm shades look the most natural.  Think gold, bronze, taupe, copper, chocolate tones for the eyes. These shades can always be complemented with shades like plum and gray.


As for lip colour, it depends on your confidence level and the environment you work in.  Pinks, peaches, rose and corals are acceptable on the lips.  Depending on your work environment and comfort level red lip colour can be appropriate.

NARS Gipsy Lipstick is a sheer red that is appropriate for the office and boardroom.

>>> When it comes to office make-up, what should a woman avoid?

Like your wardrobe, don’t wear evening or club wear to the office.  Save the glitter, sparkle and false lashes for night.  Chances are if you think it is too much for the office, it probably is.

I would avoid garish colors and dramatic colors.  It’s a good idea to save those for evening.

What about if your office is more laid back or if you have a more creative job? What sorts of liberties can you then take with your make-up?

If it’s fitting for the clothing you wear, you should be okay.  A little glow on the cheeks always looks nice and youthful.  Gloss is appropriate for all occasions.  Be sure to dab a small amount on the bottom lip and blot lips together.

>>> Red lips are always in fashion!

The timeless red lip has even made its way to the corporate world.  There is something very empowering about red lipstick, just as men have “power ties”.  Television shows like “Mad Men” and HBO’s “Grey Gardens” has introduced the vintage red and coral lip to a whole new generation.


Remember the make-up rule of creating balance.  If the focus is going to be on a bold lip then the rest of the face should be in balance.  As a rule, choose one feature and go light on the rest.  Black mascara complements bold red lips well.

Here are some colours from NARS Cosmetics you might want to try to achieve the perfect red pout:

* Jungle Red Lipstick

* Cruella Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

* Outsider Lipstick

* Niagara Lipstick


Here’s a photo of Norman Sands below!


All photos provided by NARS Cosmetics


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