Nail Guard System will strengthen your nails and help them grow faster – I tested this product and I LOVE IT!

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My nails always grow like crazy, but because they are weak they tend to break or split easily. Winter is particularly brutal on my nails because they split so easily due to the lack of sun.

Just like every woman out there I’ve used products that are designed to harder nails that I would purchase at the drug stores, with little results.

One late night while wrapping up work, I decided to turn on the telly to do a last run of channel surfing before going to bed and of course I landed on because I’ve explained so many times before how I love watching those sales numbers go up as new products are featured.

I took immediate note of this product because the spokesperson (who happened to be Shari Gottesman, the creator of the product) was talking about how much stronger her nails were now that she was using the Nail Guard System.

It goes without saying that after hearing that, there was no way I was going to bed before finding out how I could get my hands on this product.

When I finally received my Nail Guard System, I did a quick 10-minute mani (fill down nails and push back cuticles) and tried my Nail Guard System!

I have to say that your nails are harder when you use the product and since I cook almost daily and wash by hand my gym clothes, my hands were in water the entire time I tested the product and my nails were still going on strong without chips or breakage.

I thought at first that it might be beginner’s luck and that maybe in time the product wouldn’t work as well… nope, Nail Guard System still works today (about two months later) at protecting my nails.

Nail Guard System is not your usual drugstore bought nail hardener. In fact these products don’t do this system justice at all by calling themselves nail hardeners. Nail Guard System is completely different. Yes, you will pay three to five times the price of drugstore bought products, but the bottle will last you for a VERY long time and the results are monumentally different.

If you watch (in Canada) or QVC in the US or QVC-UK in the U.K. you will surely be able to take advantage of some great deals and you often can pay off the product over a few months. If you get the basic kit (retailing at $31.50 on , you even get a free crystal nail file (a value of $24.99)!

You can also buy the Nail Guard System Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat that really gives you beautifully manicured nails with a soft pink shade and the Perfect Formula Moisturize & Strengthen Nail Kit to help give your nails as much strength as possible.


I kid you not ladies, the Nail Guard System will create a sort of suit of armor around your nails and will help you have long beautiful natural nails.

Would I buy it again? Absolutely, unequivocally, undeniably — YES!

Would I replace my current nail hardener? I got rid of everything else I had and made room for Nail Guard System!


(I’d give this a 10 if we were rating products on a scale of 1 to 10!)

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Comments (2)

  • Gerri


    This is the most AMAZING nail product I have ever tried! I’ve always had good nails but this product has made them terrific!
    I, too, saw it on tSc and had to have it.
    To be honest I put about 5-6 coats of it on in a week (I do my nails on Sunday. I put on a clear coat then a pink coat and another clear coat. Then, I apply another coat of the clear every other day throughout the week until I come around to Sunday again, take it all off and start over. It even lets you grow out tears!!!


  • Beauty Match



    You are soooooo dedicated to your weekly Sunday manicure … I love it!

    Indeed, this Nail Guard product is fantastic and it’s the best product to help protect your nails.

    I also quite like the Pink Nail Guard because it gives you a nice French manicure finish and the price of the product pays for its in no time.

    I gave Nail Guard a 5-star because it’s an amazing product and it’s worth every penny.


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