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I quite like the new extended “10 Years Younger” because the makeovers are even more dramatic than they were in the original show.

I’ve been watching that show for at least four years and I always find it incredible how a little makeup, a good hairstyle and the proper clothes can make an incredible difference in people.

I’d say that most of the participants have reached a certain plateau in their personal lives following major life changes and they need the help of a team of experts to get them out of that rut.

During a recent episode of the revised version of “10 Years Younger”, I noticed that stylish Jorge Ramon got the help of a representative of a company called

I quickly ran to my computer to find out more about the company because the representative was explaining how this online concept helped women figure out what to wear to suit their body shapes even if they are not able to have access to a professional stylist.

The reality is that a lot of women over 35 start seeing a lot of changes in their bodies due to motherhood or simply because some women have not been all that fit and active. Regardless of the reason, most professional and reputable stylists will tell you to “dress the body you have now … not the body you once had”.

Since most of us don’t have the shopping allowance of Mariah Carey and most of us didn’t score big in a divorce settlement à la Heather Mills McCartney, we have to find more creative ways of looking smashing without hurting our wallets.

MyShape is a really great concept to help you achieve those goals. Once you’ve created your account, you’ll be able to find out which body shape you actually are and how to best dress it. MyShape breaks body shapes into seven categories: Shape M, Shape Y, Shape S, Shape H, Shape A, Shape P and Shape E. Once you’ve figured out which body shape you are, you can then decide to shop on the MyShape site that is full of great fashion at all price points. The magic is that each item featured presents a little “body shape chart”. You can quickly and easily see if that little flirty Michael Kors pleated jersey dress in chocolate suits your body or if it’s best for you to choose the Luna Luz asymmetrical wrap-bodice instead.

If you like shopping online, these little body charts will become your best friend and will help you avoid a lot of fashion mistakes.

If you don’t like to shop online or if you like to try clothing before buying them or if you simply walk into a store and see something you think you MUST buy, you can refer to the fashion tips on to help you with your offline purchases.

You’ll also want to keep track of MyShape’s style trends and advice section, which is also full of great tips.

Between shows like “10 Years Younger”, “What Not to Wear” and a nifty site like, there is really no reason for all Beauty Match readers and women over 35 around the world not to look their best at all time!

Romy Schneider’s photo by Ginieland


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