Michelle Obama’s 10 style commandments according to L’Express

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Well everyone knows that First Lady Michelle Obama’s style has been the subject of a lot of conversations lately because the recent G-20 was a really fashion show in many ways. Indeed, the whole point of the top 20 leaders of the democratic world meeting for a few days in London was to talk about ways of improving the crumbling international economy. But, let’s face it, you could NOT open a newspaper or read a web site without hearing about “Michelle Obama’s fashion” … even CNN joined in and had daily fashion-flashes of the First Ladies designer  choices.

I know I might be a tad bit controversial here because contrarily to so many people I’m not always taken by Michelle Obama’s fashion sense and in some case I cringe when I see her choices. I still cannot believe the Isabelle Toledo lime green inaugural ensemble paired with forest green kitten heels. In my book, that was wrong-wrong-wrong.

Here’s also where I diverge from a lot of people: I say STOP comparing Michelle Obama to Jacqueline Onasis Kennedy – PLEASE STOP! They have distinct styles of their own and there have been forty years of fashion between the two First Ladies.

Oscar de la Renta was not impressed with Ms. Obama’s constant love of JCrew and her selection of lesser known US designers. I think that acknowledging the work of upcoming designers is a great thing, but I say NO to a JCrew sweater in London for such an important event. That is when you pull out the REAL couture like Oscar de la Renta.

In any case, Michelle’s fashion has caused French newspaper L’Express to publish her top 10 commandments and I’ve decided to translate them for you and see if you agree with the French press:

1) I shall rejoice in colourful clothing: Indeed, the First Lady doesn’t shy away from colour!

2) I shall wear jewellery proudly: Michelle is rarely seen without her strand of pearls.

3) I shall keep them guessing: Michelle is always embracing new and unknown designers.

4) I shall be chic even when gardening: The photo of Michelle in her organic garden was an example of style I approve of!

5) I shall remain fit: Everyone is talking about Michelle fit arms and shoulders, but if you train daily … you want everyone to see the efforts!

6) I shall appear on magazine covers in pink: Michelle chose pink dresses for three recent magazine covers: More, Vogue and People. Pink is a great colour and I’m as partial as Michelle to that shade.

7) I shall never wear Gwyneth Paltrow heels: You won’t see Michelle in 4 inch heels. It’s true that she’s already quite tall (5’11/1.82 m) and prefers kitten heels. That said, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy who is 5’9/1.75 m also prefer kitten heels and flats. When it comes to shoes, I’m exactly like the First Ladies and would look like a drunken sailor if I wore heels higher than 2 inches.


#8) I shall wear my Alaia belt without restraint: If I had an Alai belt, I’d be showing it off as must as I can as well!!! There is nothing fashionista in Michelle’s approach and I like the fact that she doesn’t consider such an expensive purchase as a one-time-wear.

9) I shall ignore the press’ play on competition: I think that there is NO competition between First Ladies Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and Michelle Obama. I’m quite partial to the First Lady of France’s choice of Dior (I quite like Dior myself), but I think she could learn a lesson or two from Michelle bold colour choices. Indeed, things are grim for a lot of people, but colour makes the world a better place. As for Michelle Obama, I hope she does allow well known designer to dress her and that she stays away from selections that I tend to find a bit matronly.

10) I shall keep wearing black for formal occasions: I’m all for colour, but nothing replaces a smart looking black dress or suit!

You can read the original story here: Les dix commandements du style de Michelle Obama

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  • kiri


    I´m European and I love the way Michelle does her own thing. I might not be so impressed by her choices, but I love women like her. Why should she wear Oscar de la Renta? How conceited of him to be disappointed about “Ms. Obama’s constant love of JCrew and her selection of lesser known US designers” The nerve of him to even say it!
    I applaude her for not being influenced by people like Oscar de la Renta and the likes of him. He is rich enough! Let the unknown designers get a piece of the pie. If I were in her shoes, I would do exactly that. Hurray for Michelle!


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