Lauren Hutton Mineral Make-Up 30-day risk free trial offer

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If you’ve never tried a beauty line before, it’s always best to either try to get free beauty samples, get a complimentary make-up session so you can see what the make-up would look like at your home or take up a cosmetic line on their 30-day free trial offer.

I’ve talked a few days ago about Lauren Hutton’s new makeup line Good Stuff and I just came across a special 30-day risk free trial offer on Lauren Hutton’s Aqua Elements Mineral Make-Up line.

Aqua Elements: Coverage, moisture, protection, anti-aging in one! This mineral make-up was created to provide you with a totally new make-up concept that covers your imperfections, but allows your face to breath at the same time.

You not only are able to take advantage of Lauren Hutton’s 30-day free trial offer, but you’ll also get to try the mineral make-up at a special discounted price.

Lauren’s Aqua Elements line addresses the four known skin tone groups-and she offers a choice of pink, yellow, olive and brown.

The truth is that not every woman likes to use liquid foundation and it also it not always appropriate if you have a more casual lifestyle. Mineral make up gives you a sheerer coverage than liquid foundation and you also get skin that looks natural, radiant, and feels richly moisturized even after I take off my make-up at the end of the day.


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  • Girl-Woman


    I have used her line of product. I was very impressed with the line. Her brushes are amazing.


  • planejane


    Lauren Hutton’s make does work very well, it impressed me too. This is great though, a 30 day free trial. I’ll tell my friends.


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