Japanese Facial Massage Roller by KAI

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Japanese Facial Massage Roller by KAI

Massage your face anywhere, anytime – the next best thing to a professional spa treatment! Soft rubber rollers covered with tiny suction cups soothe and stimulate.

This ingenious product from Japan is so simple and effective, you’ll wonder why no one has thought of it before. Facial massage is well known for its ability to keep skin smooth and supple, while stimulating circulation below the surface and helping to exfoliate and detoxify the pores. But how many of us have the time for a professional facial each week, let alone each day?

A facial massage in the palm of your hand!

The Japanese Face Massage Roller is about the size of a disposable razor. At either end are two soft rubber rollers covered with tiny suction cups. You literally “roll” along your facial contours and forehead to give yourself the most blissful massage you’ll ever have outside of a spa.

TrueRenu does the searching – and researching – for you. We look for hard to find, hard working products that do what they promise, and we bring them to you with detailed descriptions.

Product Size: Less than 6 inches long including rollers. Translucent pink handle, white rubber rollers. All washable with soap and water.

User Ratings and Reviews

5 Stars Soooo niiiice
Just like an at home massage! So relaxing! Actually helps with stress and TMJ-related pain!

5 Stars kai massage roller
The kai massage roller is a good tool for doing facial accupressure. Having two sides makes it easy to do your whole face easily and comfortably. It is very relaxing and adds a natural glow to your face because of better circulation. It is a great product that I would definitly recommend.

5 Stars A definite winner
I bought this really as a bit of a joke gift for a girlfriend but then just had to try it as it looked so much fun. AND IT IS ! Great for relieving stress and the perfect size for an instant pick-me-up face massage all in one go. Works wonders on tired skin at the end of a long day – you can almost feel the skin cells bursting with renewed energy and glowing and doing all the good things skin cells should be doing. Am now about to buy 4 more as gifts for my daughters – I can just see us all sitting there rolling these small pink rubber things over our faces while husbands/partners/boyfriends look on in bewilderment :) Try one – they’re a great price – and I’m sure you’ll be a convert too.Japanese Facial Massage Roller by KAI

5 Stars Great Product – Great Service!
This cute little thing (Japanese Facial Massage Roller by KAI) is a lot more than just a pretty face – think it will roll some pretty on my old face too.

I also want to comment on the excellent and fast service provided by TrueRenu – ordered Friday late night and arrived Tuesday morning – now that is fast. Love my little bonus’ too – Thank You – I would recommend your company and this little tool to any and all!

5 Stars Fun, relaxing, and ooooh! it tingles!
I bought this as just a fun thing to do to my face while i was watching tv and boy am I happy I did! It really does relax your face and almost give a melting sensation when you first get started. After the blood starts flowing, it gives a slight tingle. It’s great! I have my boyfriend run it over my face before we go to bed. I would highly recommend this!

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