Is it true that Caucasian women age faster than other ethnicities?

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This is a loaded question, but one that a lot of Caucasian women seem to focus on. I cannot tell you how many times people say to me: “no wonder you don’t have wrinkles … black women never age”. Well, that’s not entirely true. It’s obvious that too many people watch Oprah … since it was on her show that Iman (aka Mrs. Iman Bowie) declared on TV that “black don’t crack”!

I wish it were that simple, but it’s not. Being black is NOT a licence to wrinkle-free skin. It’s a bit more complicated than that, but being black (or Asian or darker skin Hispanics) does give the advantage of naturally having more melanin in your skin.

That said, there are certain ethnic characteristics to aging and you’ll find a list of some of the more obvious ones below. You’ll also find some of the most common cosmetic enhancements certain ethnic groups might undertake to smoothen out the signs of aging.

One thing I should make clear … ethnicity is only part of the equation, when it comes to aging well, nutrition and lifestyle are crucially important!

Do Caucasians age faster than other ethnicities?

* When it comes to aging, Caucasian women will find that they will start showing tell-tale signs far earlier than their counterparts because they have fairly thin skin. Although they won’t have to deal with dark scars left behind by cuts or acne, they will show fine lines in their late 20s and sometimes sooner.

* Unlike Asian, Hispanic, Mediterranean, black and East Indian women who all tend not to feel the need to get a darker, many Caucasian women sun tan or use tanning salons to achieve that golden post-vacation look.

* A lifetime of excessive sun exposure will leave Caucasian skin subject to premature aging, severe discolouration and deep wrinkles.

* Cosmetic treatments such as light therapy and laser resurfacing will considerably help with a lifetime of sun exposure. When it comes to dealing with deep wrinkles, injectable fillers become a (Caucasian) girl’s best friend.

* When injections like gentler forms of cosmetic rejuvenation treatments no longer seem to provide results, Caucasian women tend to get facelifts to turn back the hands of time.


* In general, Caucasians tend to get more facelifts than their counterparts. This can be certainly due to the fact that in most cases white women will show wrinkles at an early age because they have thinner skin, but it can also be attributed to the fact that more invasive procedures can sometimes alter ethnic features of non-Caucasian women. Another contributing factor could be that given Caucasian skin is thinner … it will start sagging faster than women with thicker skin.

How do Asians age?

* I’ve heard a number of Asian women talk about the “Asian Secret”. It seems that Asians will age effortlessly until they hit their early 60s and then visible signs of aging become quite noticeable (this is something I’ve been told by a number of Asian girlfriends and contacts).

* Asians also start showing their age because of the drooping of their eye lids and many opt for eyelid surgery to remove the excess skin and open the eye.

* Although Asians don’t seem to have to worry about wrinkles, skin discolouration, dryness and blotchiness are still skincare concerns as they age.

* When it comes to cosmetic rejuvenation, it seems that Asians favour eyelid surgery, filler injections and facial peels.

Why don’t black women and African-American women seem to have any wrinkles?

* When black women take care of themselves and adopt a good lifestyle, they can easily look 10 or 15 years younger than their counterparts because of their built in anti-ager – melanin.

* Most black women don’t have to deal with fine lines and wrinkles, but they do have to deal with droopiness and skin sagging.

* Black women also have a tough time with scarring, skin discolouration, skin tone differences on their face and dark circles.

* When it comes to cosmetic rejuvenation, black women tend to gravitate towards injectable fillers and when they go under the knife it’s usually for a nose job. Since they have thicker skin than their counterparts, post-treatment swelling that follows cosmetic procedures tends to be minimal.

* Black women should really proceed with great caution when it comes to certain cosmetic procedures because some of them can cause permanent scarring during the healing process.

* Keloids (a large raised scar that spreads beyond the size of the original wound) are also of great concern to black women when incisions and scarring are involved.

How do East Indian women age?

* East Indian women deal with a lot of the same skincare issues as black women. Their major concerns deal with skin discolouration, patchiness and blotchiness. In some cases, East Indian women deal with severe dark circles around their eyes.


* Because they are lighter in complexion than black women, East Indian women are able to take advantage of the age-reversing effects of laser resurfacing and just like black women they also find chemical peels to be effective at helping them deal with scars.

italian women age well
Will Mediterranean and Hispanic women age the same way as Caucasian women?

* When you think of Mediterranean women you think of women like Sophia Loren (Italian), Laura Morante (also Italian), Natalie Portman (Israeli), Nelly Furtado (Portuguese), Sofia Milos (half Italian and half Greek).

* When you think of Hispanic women, you think of Salma Hayek (half Mexican and half Lebanese), Sophia Vergara (Columbian) and Eva Mendes (Cuban-American).

* These women have one thing in common: olive skin that is not as fragile as their Caucasian counterparts.

* Mediterranean and Hispanic women don’t show the signs of aging as quickly as Caucasians because they have more melanin. Therefore, they don’t have to show their (real) age until later in life.


* These women will also have to contend with sagging skin as they age and since they are darker than Caucasians they’ll also have to deal with scars to a certain extent.

* When it comes to getting some help from their cosmetic doctors, many Mediterranean and Hispanic women will opt for filler injections.

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  • The Skincare Lady


    This is a great article and you really break down the specific conditions that each type of woman will have to deal with throughout a lifetime. It seems that we all have our individual skin concerns to content with, whether it be fine lines, sagging skin or scarring, so I’d say that it isn’t “better” to be one ethnicity or another.


  • jade


    In a world thats always telling us a “certain type” of woman is the most beautiful of them all. It is good to hear darker women have something great to look forward to as they age…Great article. Dark women be happy that you have melanin in your skin, it is a goood thing.


  • lfm


    White women have melanin-deficient skin which fails to protect them from the aging effects of the sun. This causes white women to have wrinkly, dry, rough and leather-like skin.


  • inga


    You can hardly see wrinkles on a black woman’s face cause of their dark colour… therefore it’s not so visible…


  • Beauty Match



    You cannot see wrinkles on black woment because 1) they have thicker skin 2) they have built in melotonin that protects somewhat from the sun 3) they actually don’t age in the same way and have fewer wrinkles!

    Thanks for dropping by.


  • maliciosa deliciosa


    Wrinkles will be seen on anyones skin if they are there. Dark skin doesn’t hide wrinkles. Some people just don’t get them until much later in life. But even then, dark skin woman will have skin that looks plumper than others so there may be little to no wrinkles visible. And not all Hispanic woman have Olive skin. “Hispanic” skin ranges from very light, Nordic looking, to very dark, Dinka looking.


  • jmb


    Italians are Caucasian, and yes, we tend to age very well.


  • IamAsian


    A few important points missing. White woman loves the tanned look, going to beaches, tanning beds, is super damaging their skin. Traditional Asian woman hates the sun, we always wear hats or use sun umberella when going out. Apart from the good diet of lots of intakes of tofu, veges, fish and boiled rice, we have less bad habits. Theres less young asian girl who have drinking/smoking problem than white girls. Teenagers are not allowed to wear makeups to go to schools. Extensive make up ruins your skin.


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