Is it really possible to start a new relationship in your 40s?

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There are two events that made me want to write this post: 1) Tina Turner was on Oprah not long ago and Queen Oprah declared that at 68 Tina had been in a happy relationship for the past 20 years (which would mean that she stated dating her current man at 48) 2) The “Sex and the City” movie features Carrie Bradshaw who finally finds love and gets married after 40.

It occurred to me that when you end a relationship in your mid-to-late 30s and you’ve been on a bad string of dates and you’ve had to endure a few bad medium-length relationships, you start wondering if you will ever be able to find a meaningful relationship again.

I think it really doesn’t matter how incredible you look, when you hit your late 30s and you’re still single or you’re are newly single, you have that little voice in your head that whispers: “Am I going to be single forever?” or “Will anyone want to date me after 40″ and (my personal favourite) “Can you find guys at this point in your life that don’t carry too much baggage?”

I know “Sex and the City” is a movie (hence fantasy), but Tina Turner’s story is real … she did find love well after 40. As part of the laws of beauty at any age, a happy and healthy relationship is an important factor in helping us stay younger.

Many studies have shown and proven that as you age, you need to have that kind of high quality relationship in your life because it adds richness to your existence when compared to navigating life solo.

I think where I’m trying to go with this banter is simply remind us (and myself) that it’s very much possible to find true love after your 40th birthday and since with each passing year we should have collected a few baskets of wisdom, the idea is to choose the next guy wisely.

Will looking for love in your late 30s and 40s be a LOT harder than in your 20s or early 30s? I have no doubt about that, but so many women around us do it every day. And hey, when in doubt we can take a cue from all these Hollywood celebrities who are over 40 and dating men who are younger than they are and a lot of them seem to be happier than ever before.

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  • John


    I was lucky to meet my girlfriend just after I became 40, but I must confess that I have been single for years on end. Insecurity about age and looks started earlier then 40 in my case, but I guess it is different for everyone.
    I think that when we try too hard to find a partner, it simply doesn’t work. The moment I gave up looking around, the girl of my dreams suddenly walked into my life and 11 years later we are still together :-)


  • Tori


    I LOVED this article and it reminded me of the success stories. It helps to know other people who have found true love after 40.
    Thanks for keeping my romantic, hopeful heart alive!


  • Beauty Match



    Thanks for dropping by!

    I’ve heard of many people who have found their best relationships EVER after 40!

    I think it might be because you’ve gotten to a point in your life where you are more honest with yourself and you have a better understanding of your needs!


  • kazza


    I have doubts…yes I love the success stories of Tina Turner and the celebrities in Hollywood. And I’m so pleased for John.

    My own story isnt so nice…I split up with my ex at the age of 41 because he went off with a 25 year old…no indication of unhappiness, we were always kissing, holding hands etc…so it came as quite a shock. It took me 3 years to finally feel like dating again…I met a lovely man on Facebook when I was 43 and we talked on the phone and texted each other every day for nearly a year…we loved each others personalities we had spoken on webcam…we liked the look of each other though it didnt seem important anymore and finally I agreed to meet him, he came over and we had a nice evening chatting and having a coffee though it felt a little awkward. Then he cooled off and now we are no longer friends even. Nothing went on, I cant jump into bed with someone just like that and he didnt expect it anyway…so I was at a loss to what went wrong. He is just coming 40. All I can guess is that in real life I look much older than on webcam and he was disappointed. I wish I had the money like the celebs to keep myself fresh and young, but being a single mom now, and doing a maths degree I have very little spare cash. I really hope that there is a chance of love again out there, I’m a hopeless romantic I want to love someone passionately and to be loved back the same way.

    Lets say hopeful romantic. :D


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