How to buy and sell designer clothing and accessories on eBay?

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If you’ve never bought or sold anything on eBay, it can seem a bit overwhelming. I have so many friends who have closets packed with stuff, but who refuse to take the time to try to sell their once-loved-items on eBay on the pretext that eBay is too complicated and too tedious to learn.

Most of them have told me they have no intentions on sitting down and figuring out eBay and they’d just rather take their once-loved-items to GoodWill. Now, don’t get me wrong, taking items you no longer wear or use to Salvation Army or GoodWill is very important. It’s a truly kind and necessary gesture, but there are a number of items that you own that are worth some good money and this might be a little extra cash that you could use to offset the coming season’s purchases.

If you are unsure how eBay works, these links might be a great place to start:


How to create the perfect listing: When you’ve never created a listing, it might not be the most obvious thing when you land inside your eBay account … the “Perfect Listing” section will help you create the perfect listing that will help get your items sold quickly.

How to sell your first item: If you’ve never sold anything on eBay, “Sellers Central” might be the best place for you to start.

eBay Best Practices: The “Best Practices” page will help you understand some of the strategies used by eBay’s most successful sellers.

Sellers Tools: Once you are up and running, you’ll want to learn how to track your auction. The “Tools” section will help you figure it all out.

I’ve decided that I was going to stop ignoring the importance of eBay in helping me rid my closet of items I don’t use anymore. I have a few items that I intend on selling in the fall on eBay and I will track my progress on the site and who knows … I might inspire a few of my readers to do the same.

Buying designer wear safely:

eBay is not only a great place to sell your once-loved-items, it’s a great place to find new designer items that you’ll be able to buy at a fraction of the price of retail. The prices on eBay for many designer pieces that have been worn only a few times (and in some cases have never been worn) are considerably cheaper than any clearance sale out there. That said, when shopping on eBay, it’s important to be able to analyze a seller and determine if this is someone you want to do business with.

Here are 10 tips provided by Sandra to make eBay purchases a safe experience:

1. Learn about the product and seller. The Internet is a great place for buyers to research products and companies they’re interested in. Shoppers can also learn about a retailer through its reputation, from previous purchases, from referrals through friends or from reviews, comments and feedback left by other shoppers.

2. Before you buy, always read the item description carefully. It’s always a good idea to look at the details of a specific item, as well as the shipping costs, payment methods accepted, and whether the seller offers a return policy.

3. Ask, then buy. If you have questions about the product, contact the store or seller before purchasing either via e-mail or customer service phone number. All listings on eBay include a link in the Seller Information box to the “Ask Seller a Question” feature. Using this feature is an easy way to make sure that all your questions are answered before you buy.

4. Understand the retailer’s refund and return policies. Questions to ask include: What’s the required timeframe in which a buyer must contact the retailer and return the item? Will a full refund or a merchandise credit be offered? Can an item that has been opened be returned?

5. Pay safely online. Never use instant cash transfer services to pay for your online purchase. These payment methods are unsafe when paying someone you do not know. Paying through PayPal is the safest method.

6. Protect your purchase. Programs like PayPal Buyer Protection provide free coverage of up to $315 on all PayPal transactions and up to $2,000 when you buy from qualified sellers. eBay even has a $25,000 Vehicle Protection Plan when purchasing a car online.

7. Be wary of spoof e-mails and web sites. Claiming to be sent by a well-known company, spoof email directs users to web sites asking for personal information such as a credit card number, social insurance number or account password.

8. If an offer sounds highly suspicious or too good to be true, it probably is. While Internet retailers frequently offer lower prices than conventional stores, shoppers should be guarded about unreasonably low bargain prices or unusually attractive promises.

9. Use strong and unique passwords. Good, strong passwords include a combination of letters and numbers, and are unique to the account. Just as you wouldn’t use the same key for your car, your office and your house, unique passwords are an important preventative step in the event someone obtains one of your passwords.

10. Stay safe online by safeguarding your computer against viruses. There are numerous viruses in circulation that threaten to damage your computer or spy on your Internet activities. While there is no foolproof way to protect your computer, you can minimize your risk by installing virus protection software.

One last thing I should mention is that you might want to be careful of the country were the seller lives if you are buying designer wear. The truth of the matter is some countries are well known to produce and sell well made counterfeit designer items that look real, but that are nothing more that well crafter knock-offs. You don’t want to pay a lot of money for a fake when you think you’re getting a great deal on a real designer item.

Sandra also highlighted that eBay was a GREAT place to find wedding dresses and diamond rings. There are unfortunately a number of weddings that are cancelled at the last minute or at the altar. The bribe-that-was-to-be usually is eager to get rid of any souvenirs of the day and it might be your chance to pick up great items at a fraction of the retail price.

Finally, when you’re buying any designer wear, you’ll want to go into a store and try them out to know how they fit and what a size 8 actually represents to the designer you’re interested in. This hold particularly true for shoes … if you are going to buy your first pair of Christian Louboutin online, you’ll want to try them on at a store in your area to know if “your size” is still your size with that designer.

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