Have you tried the NARS Skin line yet?

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NARS Cosmetics is unquestionably my favourite makeup find of 2008! Once I tried their spring 2008 collection … there was no going back!

What I didn’t know was that they also have a full range of skincare products that are equally sensational.

Not long ago, I reviewed their Aqua Gel which I thought was amazing at hydrating my skin.

You can read my review here: Review: NARS Skin Acqua Gel Hydrator has saved my skin from this bitter winter!

There are far more products in the NARS Skin line and I wanted to make sure that my readers knew about them.

The NARS Skin is a complete line of skin care products that ranges from eye creams to lightweight moisturizers to foaming cleansers to toning lotions to serums.

Since the line is so complete, I thought I’d focus on some key products that I think are some of NARS Skin key products.

5 Best of NARS Skin:

1) NARS Brightening Serum: According to Norman Sands, celebrity makeup artist and educator for NARS, the Brightening Serum is a MUST to brighten the skin and improve the appearance of your complexion before you apply your primer and foundation.

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2) NARS Potent EFA cream: This eye cream is all business. The formula has been crafted with ingredients to help hydrate the most delicate part of your face – the skin around your eyes. The NARS Potent EFA cream contains an essential fatty acid complex that contains Omega-3′s, ceramides and açai and hyaluronic acid to nourish and repair the skin cells deep within.

3) NARS Essential Vitamin Serum: This lightweight serum helps revitalize dull skin and promote visibly smoother skin for a more luminous appearance. There is also the addition of chestnut rose fruit and vitamins A, C and E to improve clarity and provide antioxidant protection for firmer and a more youthful-looking appearance.

4) NARS EFA Night Infusion: This night serum has one purpose: allow the skin to increase its intake of hydration. Skin that’s well hydrated is more equipped at fighting off premature signs aging. The EFA Night Infusion’s antioxidant rich formula works to strengthen and repair the skin by replenishing naturally occurring lipids back into the skin.


5) NARS Acacia Luxury Body Lotion: The smell alone is worth it! This body cream is a little touch of luxury for your busiest and most hectic days. It’s a lovely mixture of oceanic aroma. Acacia offers a fresh floral blend of jasmine, muguet and ylang ylang, accented with an uplifting hint of bergamot. The cream also contains macadamia nut oil, aloe, fennel, and horse chestnut extract that help reduce redness and retexturize the skin. The addition of menthol, caffeine and ginseng help instill energizing and invigorating properties to further the overall sensory experience. This is a lightweight lotion that will glide on your skin and leave it baby-soft!

The prices will range from the mid-to-high $30 price point (for cleansers and moisturizers) to over $100 for some of the more concentrated and potent products.

Here’s another tidbit of information that you might find useful. I’ve done research on the Internet to see if others agreed with me in terms of how pleased they were with NARS Skin products and most sites that either feature the products or sell the line have customer testimonials that were quite favourable. Many products received a 3 ½ stars out of 5 and most of the products in the NARS Skin line received a 4/5 stars!

It’s true that NARS Skin is not one of the most inexpensive skin care lines on the market, but at least you know that many other users are happy with the results. If you’re going to buy a product, it’s good to know that it will deliver on its promise!

You can easily find NARS Skin products at high-end department stores and at Sephora.com in the U.S. and Canada. International readers can find the products on Sephora.com and on NARS Cosmetics.


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