France’s most popular anti-aging creams, eye creams and serums

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Have you ever wondered if other women around the world were using the same skin care products and brands to protect their skin?

When you are looking into new products, one of the easiest ways of narrowing down your options is to see which the most popular sellers are. It doesn’t automatically mean they’ll be the right ones for your skin and aging concerns, but it’s certainly a good starting point. From there you’ll have to deal with a few trials and errors before finding the perfect products that best suit your needs.

I decided to see what French women were doing and which products where their favourites. I consulted Elle France … which is like a beauty bible to see what French women were buying to deal with aging skin.
Most of the products below are readily available in North American department stores and at Sephora … some like Helena Rubinstein are only available in Europe and Asia. That said, most of these are available from reputable online skin care stores.

So which products made the grade?

France’s most popular anti-aging creams

1. Clarins ‘Contouring Facial Lift/Lift Minceur Visage’

2. Helena Rubinstein ‘Hydra Genius’ (Until 2004, you could find Helena Rubinstein skin care products in North American, but they no longer sell on this side of the Atlantic. Their new spokesperson is the beautiful Demi Moore)

3. Guerlain ‘Super Aqua Day’

4. Lancôme ‘Bienfait Multi-Vital’

5. Payot ‘Crème De Choc/Skin Booster with Cacao extract and Royal Jelly’

6. Biotherm ‘Age Fitness Power Z’

7. Nuxe ‘First Wrinkle Face Cream/Crème Nirvanesque’

8. Elizabeth Arden ‘Ceramide Plump Perfect’

9. Shiseido ‘Bio-Performance’

10. Lierac ‘Hydra-Chrono Anti-Aging Hydration’

11. Caudalie ‘Fluide IP8 Hydratant Bonne Mine’

12. Estée Lauder ‘DayWear Plus’

13. Yves Saint Laurent ‘Comfort Hydrating Water Creme/Hydra Feel Créme d’eau Hydratante Confort’

France’s most popular eye cream

When it came to eye creams, there were a couple that could only be found in France … so we featured the ones that could be easily found in North America and those you can easily find if you’re travelling to Europe any time soon.

1. Clarins ‘Super Lift eye Serum/Serum Lift Contour des yeux’

2. Christian Dior ‘Capture R60/80’ eye cream

3. Guerlain ‘Super Aqua’

France’s most popular serums

French women are not skimping when it comes to serums. They are fully aware of the rejuvenating properties of a good night’s rest combined with a powerful night-time facial serum.

Here are their picks:

1. Lierac ‘Deridium Serum Concentrate/Deridium Concentré Végéta’

2. Helena Rubinstein ‘C Genius Serum’

3. Darphin ‘Stimulskin Plus’

4. Cinq Mondes ‘Elixir Précieux Éclat’

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