Crema Nera: Giorgio Armani’s new anti-aging skin care cream

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Everything Giorgio Armani has ever created is linked to the Italians’ sense of aesthetic refinement and style. Giorgio Armani’s new venture in the arena of anti-aging is no different.
For Crema Nera (black cream … but only the container is black), Armani drew his inspiration from the island of Pantelleria. Pantelleria is a tiny island located between the Italian island of Sicily and Tunisia, which is located on the Northern coast of Africa.

Crema Nera is an obscenely rich looking cream that is based on the composition of the obsidian volcanic rock that is renowned to contain four key miraculous and rich minerals: silicium, sodium, iron and potassium. I say obscenely rich looking because when I saw the product, I thought there is no way that product is touching my skin because it is far too rich for my combination skin. Well, it turns out that the Crema Nera may look extremely rich, but on contact it is totally absorbed by your skin and it does not leave it greasy. In fact, you end up with a matte finish.

Crema Nera was truly created to regenerate and rejuvenate every skin type. Another particularity of Giorgio Armani’s Crema Nera is the fact that each jar comes with a glossy black obsidian stone, which is shaped like a small spoon.
This therapeutic stone can only be found in two places in the world: Ethiopia and Pantelleria. Giorgio Armani has included the obsidian stone to help decongest and smooth fine lines when using his Crema Nera.

The Armani skin care expert who helped me understand the benefits of this new product explained that many of her clients were giving up their old regimen of multiple daily creams and they were relying solely on Crema Nera as their day cream and night-time treatment. If you like your beauty regime to be as simple and uncomplicated as possible, this might become your cream of choice.

The 50g/1.6 oz jar of Crema Nera retails for C $310CDN/US$225. It can be found at high-end department stores such as the Giorgio Armani Boutique – The Bellagio (Las Vegas), Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue in the United States and Holt Renfrew in Canada.

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