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I was invited last Friday to the product launch for a great new skincare line that I cannot wait to try and share with you.

If you have sensitive skin or if you are looking for products that are preservative-free and that contain organic ingredients, you’ll surely want to read about my experience with Kosmea (a skincare line from Australia).

This was a really chic launch set in the “pink room” of one of the most elegant hotels in the city. Discovering this new line from down-under was a thrill in itself, but having the opportunity to actually meet in person a number of other Canadian Beauty Bloggers was even better.

After the launch event, I was lucky enough to sit down for coffee with three other Beauty Bloggers who, just like me, spend most of their time researching, testing and writing about new products and reviewing products they cannot live without.

Four Canadian Beauty Bloggers chatting over coffee

I sat down with three other ladies who also have a passion for all things “beauty”:

Henna from Canadian Beauty: Henna is a veteran beauty blogger who has covered Toronto Fashion Week and loves to talk about beauty trends as they move from the runway to the street and vice versa.

Ellen from Lipstick Powder n’ Paint. Ellen is the veteran blogger among us. She’s been celebrating the best beauty products from all over the world for the past 2 years.

Janine from Beauty Geeks: Janine is a newcomer to beauty blogging. She’s also a person freakishly obsessed with skin care, hair care and makeup and she also enthusiastically shares related info with just about anyone, anywhere, anytime.

When it comes to talking about beauty, the four of us have our own distinct voice in the way we feature products and I encourage you to read about their latest findings as well as mine!

In a sea of American Beauty Bloggers, I think it’s important to highlight Canadian Beauty Blogger’s voices.


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