British women are fat and French women are not!?!!

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I’ll admit that between images of Victoria Beckham, Elizabeth Earle and Kate Moss, you might be tempted to think that all British women are super-super-slim.

I’ll be honest, I was a bit surprised the first time I went to London and noticed the difference between the portrayal of famous British female figures in the fashion and celebrity media versus the women I was seeing on High Street (London’s main shopping street)!

When you’ve been to France as many times as I have, you can wrongly think that all European women are thin as rail and wear these tiny little sizes, but it seems that Daily Mail has also realized there might be a misconception because they just published early this morning a fascinating featured that can pretty much be summed up by the title: “British women don’t mind being Europe’s biggest (it’s French females, the slimmest, who worry most about weight)”.

It surely boils down to diet. I’ll admit that after sampling the French diet and the British diet, it’s no wonder that French women are better able to maintain a slimmer figure than their British counterparts.

I’ll also have to say that from my experience I also find that the quality of food in France is different because the French do not eat as much process foods and what they call take-away/take-out in France is like gourmet in most other countries. You’ll also find that in France the portions are smaller than they are in the U.K.

Here’s another thing about the French, since they are quite straight forward, a French person would not hesitate to let you know in no uncertain terms that you’ve gained a large amount of weight and it was time for you to stop shoving food down your throat because the additional weight is not becoming. I’m not even making this up or joking. You’ve got to love the French for being so honest with their feelings.

A few other interesting points of this research is how French women see themselves as being bigger than they are while British women saw themselves much thinner than they actually were. Perhaps, this might have the biggest impact on how each group approach food. If you think you are thinner than you are, you might not think twice before going for that second portion of double-decker chocolate cake.

You’ll want to look at the graph in the article courtesy of the European Commission that shows the average weight of European women. British women tip the scale as being the fattest in Europe while the French are the slimmest (and Italian women are in second place of the slimmest women in Europe … AND they eat pasta daily, but rarely eat junk food).

I had read another study that had suggested that Greek women were the second heaviest in Europe (out of 15 countries studied) but this new study finds women from the Netherlands tipping the scale as the second heaviest women in Europe.

Here’s the precise order from the heaviest women in Europe to the slimmest:

1) U.K.

2) Netherlands

3) Greece

4) Portugal

5) Finland

6) Belgium

7) Spain

#8) Sweden

9) Ireland

10) Luxembourg

11) Denmark

12) Germany

13) Austria

14) Italy

15) France

One thing I disagree with is how they’ve put the photos of Kate Winslet versus Audrey Tautou (main actress of the new Chanel movie). They call Kate “curvy”, I don’t find Kate curvy at all, I think Kate is quite normal if you ask me and I think she looks absolutely smashing at that figure.

I find that as a woman with plenty of curves from the waist down when the media says “curvy” it has a bit of a negative connotation. As much as I like the French, I’d prefer having Kate’s body anytime as opposed to Audrey’s body which I find to be too tinny. Now, to be fair both Kate and Audrey are actresses, if most British women were are slim as Kate Winslet there would be no point in writing a article because Kate’s body is extremely healthy and the severe obesity problem in the U.K. is no laughing matter and the women affected are several-several pounds heavier than Kate Winslet. The U.K. might be the country with the most “body/weight” shows I know with shows like: How to Look Good Naked, SuperSize versus SuperSkinny, Cook Yourself Thin and You are what you eat.

You can read more about these British shows here:

‘SuperSize vs SuperSkinny’ is my favourite British TV show on dieting and body image!!!
Cook yourself thin is another of my favourite British TV shows!
British women are not happy with their bodies

You can read the full Daily Mail article here and you can also read the comments. When I first saw this story earlier this morning (at 1 am) there were only 10 comments and now there are 10 times as many comments. I’m sure this topic will generate a lot of debate and I’m also 100% that British women won’t be too pleased with the label: “fastest women in Europe”!

Here’s the full article from the Daily Mail: “British women don’t mind being Europe’s biggest (it’s French females, the slimmest, who worry most about weight)”.

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