Beets are the ultimate anti-aging veggie rejuvenates your entire body!

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The beet can thank the French for its popularity. When Napoleon Bonaparte deprived Europe of sugar cane, by closing the entire European coastline to British ships, during the time he was the Emperor of France, he forced other European countries to find a substitute. When it was discovered that certain types of white-yellowish beets contained large amounts of sugar that could be extracted for consumption, Napoleon’s bargaining power fizzled away.

Just like the Ancient Romans and Greeks (as far back at 5 BC) — who strongly believed in the health power of beets because of its deep and intense colour — we now fully grasp the incredible anti-aging power of the root vegetable.

So what are the many anti-aging properties of the beet?

* Beet juice is often prescribed by naturopathic doctors as a stimulant to the liver. Mixed with carrot juice, this concoction makes for a healthier liver.

* Beets are incredibly rejuvenating for most of the body’s main organs, especially the bowels, digestive system, the lymphatic system and the gallbladder.

* Beets’ high levels of beta-carotene help in tissue repair and detoxification of the bloodstream.

* Beets are also excellent at speeding up the circulation process that helps feed the cells in our body.

* If you tend to get a bit sluggish in the afternoons, adding beets to your salad at lunch will boost your brainpower and energy level because beets are an excellent anti-fatigue food.

* Many studies dating back to the last century have showed the power of beets in fighting against diseases such at cancer.

* It’s not only the root of this vegetable that is worth noting, but also the leaf (which is fully eatable).

* The leaves are as much of an anti-aging powerhouse as the roots because they contain flavonoids (helps with strengthening the immune system); alpha and beta carotene and chlorophyll (which stimulated red blood cells).

One note about beets: If you’ve never eaten them before, do not be alarmed if you notice that your urine and bowel movements take on a reddish tone. The high levels of pigments found in beets are not digested by the body and therefore they literally pass straight through us.

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