Barbara Walters’ make-up artist, Lori Klein, reveals 10 make-up products under $10!

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I was watching a episode of “The View” and they had a special feature on make-up you can buy for $10 to help you stay beautiful on a budget during the recession.

I quickly grabbed a piece of paper and started writing because I think a lot of women are trying to adjust how they shop for cosmetics this season.

Canadian and international readers will have to keep in mind that some of the products on this list can only be found in the U.S., but the point is that during a recession, you’ll have to be open to try new brands you’ve never tried before if they allow you to remain on budget.

Barbara Walters’ make-up artist’s (Lori Klein) list of make-up under $10!

1) Max Factor Pan-Stick foundation eight shades (retails for $7)


2) Wet & Wild Ultimate eye shadow palette which comes in eight shades (retails for $4.99)


3) L’Oreal Liquid Telescopic Precision Eyeliner (retails for $7.99, but you might find it at Wal-Mart USA for as little as $6.58!)


4) CoverGirl Lash Blast (retails for $8.95, but I’ve seen it at $7.99 here in Canada so I’m such U.S. readers can get it much cheaper). Lori Klein didn’t talk about Maybelline mascaras that are all under $10 here in Canada so you know they must be about $7.99-$8.99 in the U.S. I equally love both CoverGirl AND Maybelline because their formulas are amazing and you cannot beat that price!


5) Andrea Lashes (these fake eyelashes retail for a measly $3.29)!


6) Revlon Powder Blush which comes in 14 shades (retails for $9.79)


7) Black Radiance Velvet & Glow Color & Shimmer for Face which comes in four shades (retails for $4.19, but you can find it online for as little as $3.99). This shimmer you can use on your face, cheeks and forehead.


#8) Plump Potion Lip Gloss (retails $9.95). Believe it or not, but for $9.95 you’ll get some great results because the product works quickly and you’ll notice the difference in about five minutes.


9) CoverGirl Lipstain (retails $7.29). We had featured this new CoverGirl product and you can read the full feature here: CoverGirl launches Outlast Lipstain … a lip stain that will actually last!


10) OPI Nail Polish (retails for $6.99). Lori Klein only features OPI (which I love), but Essie, Nicole by OPI and Zoya also retail for less than $10 here in Canada so it’s obvious that Americans can get a better price. Nothing says “pretty” like a fresh manicure. If you can no longer afford a weekly manicure, do your nails yourself as best as you can and finish it off with a fabulous nail polish colour. This season will feature some extraordinary shades.


During the review Lori Klein talked about the new OPI Nic’s Sticks which allows you to have an on-the-go-manicure. I’ve not tried it yet, but it’s getting good reviews on the blogosphere.

You can read all about Nail Polish trends for spring 2009 here:   Spring 2009 nail polish trends

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